A Brief History Of Stereo Headphones


by Jill Andrews 1503 Views

Headphones have been around for many years now and have been very popular. Many original headphones were designed to only accept the audio signal in mono due to the limited capabilities of the technology back then. But then there was the introduction of stereo and this pushed the technology industry to make stereo headphones. Just like the newest technology today, stereo headphones started at a basic level and then were allowed to develop as time went by. The most typical and obvious stage was big DJ styled headphones. They were not known as DJ headphones back then but they were the only types of headphones which were available. Small ear bud headphones were something that was not expected for a long time.

Stereo headphones had just been introduced and were not the best; they reproduced two signals; left and right audio. This offered an enhanced listening experience, especially when listening to music. These separated channels could often cause loss of sound and I do not think that the technology was completely mastered as of then. Though different sounds were panned to the left and right headphone it did cause a lot of loss in the sound. It took many more years for them to solve the problem by channeling a small amount of each signal into the opposite ear. This then offered an almost three dimensional sound and people were amazed by this sudden improvement in technology. It just went to show that if you get one small aspect right you can improve the quality of the technology itself. But the truth is that it continued to improve. From then on the technology slowly developed into in-ear headphones. These were quite expensive back when they were first introduced and believe me they were not very good quality. When improving on a technology that already exists it can be a challenge but it can be even more of a challenge when you are shrinking the size of the product. But what is good about it was that it left lots of room for improvement.

With the introduction of in-ear headphones there was an obvious room for improvement. The most obvious one was improving the sound quality. This was developed quite quickly and the in-ear headphones were slowly able to pick up a wider range of frequencies thus allowing more of the audio to come through. But the next big issue that people had after this was the fact that they could not hear audio in loud environments. The next big challenge was noise cancellation and it did not take too long to come into action, however these types of headphones where quite expensive. But as time passed there was a reduction in prices as they became cheaper to make. This not only helped deliver more sound to your ears it also helped keep any unwanted sounds out of your ears. It even helped deliver better quality sound so you could hear details which you could not hear previously with the in-ear headphones. A great pair of in-ear headphones currently on the market are the Wireless Remstared Beats X which we have tried and tested.

If you look at the technology currently at the moment you will even see that there is a big stretch to make headphones wireless so that we don’t have to put up with the annoying wires that can get in our way. A further stretch is to create a surround sound type hearing experience from headphones. There are various effects which can simulate a 3D effect to a degree but it would be great to see the real thing come to life. My guess is that things will develop as time goes by and we’ll see some true improvements in headphones and the sound they can deliver.