C.O.P. Week 4 – The Week I Fell Off The Wagon Completely

C.O.P. Week 4 – The Week I Fell Off The Wagon Completely

Well, y’all, I almost didn’t show up today to report in about my C.O.P.ing (cleaning, organizing, purging) for this last week, because…well, it was an abysmal failure. But then I thought that maybe coming here and reporting on my abysmal failure might keep me more motivated and accountable in the future. So here I am. 🙂

I mean, I didn’t put one single ounce of effort into keeping my kitchen clean, or keeping my floors vacuumed, or doing any sort of purging, or organizing a single thing. Not one ounce of effort.

I’m not really sure what happened this week to make me fail so completely in the COPing department. I do know that two nights, I worked on the guest bedroom until about midnight. The last thing I wanted to do was wash dishes or vacuum after that. I just wanted to climb into bed and sleep.

But really, things have been “off” since last week. I wasn’t sleeping well at all towards the end of last week, in part because I was anxious about Saturday (demo day on the master bathroom), but also just general problems sleeping and staying asleep throughout the night.

By the time Saturday got here, I was already exhausted from a lack of quality sleep from the few previous days, and then the work we did on Saturday was exhausting. I mean, after all, we did take an entire room down to ceiling joists, wall studs, and floor joists. It’s a little strange and unsettling to me that this lies just behind that closed up doorway in our future home gym.

master bathroom demo day 15

(Side note: The plumber is coming Monday to give me an estimate on all of the plumbing for the master bathroom. I’ll also have him tell me if he wants me to go ahead and put the subfloor in, or leave it open until he’s finished with plumbing. So after Monday, I’ll have a better idea of how to proceed with this room.)

So by Sunday, after those sleepless nights plus the hard work on Saturday, I was so exhausted that I slept from about 3:00pm until about 7:00pm. Now when it comes to napping, I’m a strange kind of person. No matter how tired I am, I’m simply not the type of person for whom napping during the day is beneficial at all. If I’m tired enough that I feel a nap is necessary, I’m better off keeping busy during the day, and then just making a point to go to bed early.

I hear about people who can take 15-minute power naps during the day, and wake up feeling refreshed, energized, and ready to go. I’m the very opposite. If I sleep during the day, whether it’s for 15 minutes or five hours, I wake up feeling groggy, disoriented, grumpy, and unmotivated.

Well, it’s almost like my Sunday four-hours-long nap didn’t just affect my Sunday night, but that feeling of not being motivated also spilled over into Monday, and then Tuesday, and Wednesday. And it’s not a complete lack of motivation that I was feeling. I always feel motivated to go into my studio and play with paint or resin. 😀 But the motivation to do the adult things, like cleaning the kitchen and vacuuming the floor, just wasn’t there. It’s almost like I had this mindset that I worked soooooooo hard on Saturday that I deserved a week off from adulting. 😀

Anyway, all of that to say that this whole week has just felt “off,” and I need to get back on the C.O.P. wagon before things get out of control again. Thankfully, even when I don’t make an effort to keep my kitchen clean, things never really get out of control because (as I explained in this post), I use the same cookware and dishes every single day right now because of the way we’re eating.

why i don't need or want a dishwasher - dishes for the entire day

So they do get washed every single day. But instead of doing the dishes right after we eat, or making sure they’re done before I go to bed so that I can wake up to a clean kitchen, I’ve been having to wash them every day right before I start cooking our lunch. And I have to admit that cooking isn’t nearly as pleasurable if I have to start by washing dishes and cookware that was left dirty from the previous day.

I also learned another very important lesson about myself when it comes to purging, and it’s this…

If I don’t put the items to be donated into my car immediately and make sure that they get to the donation center the next day, then I cannot and should not count them as “purged” for the week. Why? Well, remember this stack of things that I gathered up to be purged on the Friday night before demo day?

master bathroom - stuff for donation

Do you know where those items are right now? Yep, still sitting in the exact same spot.

So they haven’t really been purged, have they? I mean, intending to do something and actually doing it are two completely different things. And while I fully intended to donate those items, they’re still taking up space in our house, and that’s the very opposite of purging.

That first week was so easy because I had an entire room of furniture and other items that I needed to get rid of…

And because it was the first week, and I was feeling so incredibly motivated, I didn’t hesitate to call The Salvation Army to come pick up these things. It’s so convenient having large items that they’ll actually come and pick up!

Well, those large items are gone, so when I want to donate things from here on out, it’s my responsibility to actually make sure they get to a donation place. And that takes a lot more effort that I’m not in the habit of exerting.

So from here on out, when it comes to purging, I definitely need to change my mindset. Simply gathering up stuff to be donated and putting it into a pile in my house isn’t purging. It’s the first step of purging, but it’s not a completed job. The job isn’t completed until I load it into my car, drive it to its destination, and unload it from my car. So I guess, in hindsight, I didn’t actually get any purging done last week. Or this week.

But next week will be different. It’s time for a change of mindset. It’s also time for me to stop avoiding adulting, and get back into some good daily routines. My break from adulting for a hard day’s work last Saturday should have been over last Sunday evening. Monday by the absolute latest. I’ve stretched this on way too long. 😀 So this next week, things will be different.

It might also be time for me to listen to Dana K. White’s audio book again. Listening to her seems to motivate me.

How are you doing on your C.O.P.ing efforts?

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