3 Cities to Visit in Germany That Aren’t Berlin

3 Cities to Visit in Germany That Aren’t Berlin

We all know that Germany is a country of contrasts. Known for its technological and financial strengths, Germany has an interesting past beyond the horrible events of the XX century, a great philosophical and cultural baggage and a not-so-well-known cuisine that will make you lick your fingers. With Berlin being not only the capital of the country but also a world capital for artists and hipsters, it can be easy to forget that Germany is a big country with a population of more than 82 million people. That’s why in this blog post I want to explore another 3 cities to visit in Germany that aren’t Berlin. 

cities to visit in Germany - Bremen
Credit: Nicole Pankalla


The medieval Bremen sits by the Weser River, which is the reason behind the great importance this city acquired around the 17th century when exotic products started arriving at Germany through Bremen’s port. In Bremen, you can smell the history in every corner. Take for example St Peter’s Cathedral, at the central market square and 1,200 years old, the perfect place to take a look over the city, from one of its 89-metre towers.

Bremen’s City Hall is another of the monuments you can’t miss in a visit to the city, also in the central market square or Marktplatz, which earned UNESCO World Heritage status in 2005 thanks to its beauty.

A more modern corner of the city that you will be glad to visit is Böttcherstrasse, a blend of Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Expressionism projected by Ludwig Roselius, Bremen’s coffee magnate who, by the way, invented decaf coffee. Schnoor Quarter, Rhododendron-Park and U-Boot Bunker Valentin are only some of the other interesting spots in the city. And of course, you can’t miss the Bremen Town Musicians sculpture! 

cities to visit in Germany - Hamburg
Credit: Bildschönes Hamburg


An hour away from Bremen, Hamburg still holds the title of the second busiest harbour in Europe, despite being a city in constant change. With over 50 museums, 45 theatres and around 100 music venues and clubs, Hamburg is definitely not a place where you could find yourself bored. It is also a city built around canals, the most beautiful of them probably being Nikolaifleet. The area where this one is found, the Speicherstadt, was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2015, together with the Kontorhausviertel and the Chilehaus. This ensemble is probably one of the most impressive areas in Hamburg, where you could stay thanks to Fraser Suites Hamburg. In fact, really close to the Speicherstadt you can find St Pauli, which street art makes it the coolest neighbourhood of the city. 

cities to visit in Germany - Frankfurt
Credit Dimitry Anikin


Frankfurt may be well known as the financial centre of Germany, but it hides more gems that you could think of. For example, it’s home to an incredible number of museums some of which can be found on the Museumsufer, on both sides of the River Main: the Städel Museum (with a collection of paintings from the 1300s to present date), the Senckenberg Natural History Museum and the Deutsches Film Museum (German Film Museum) are some of the best known, but there are some other experimental museums like the Dialog Museum, where you could experience the day-to-day life of a blind person. 

But Frankfurt is also one city of parks! When the weather is good, frankfurters love hanging out at the Grüneburgpark, Palmengarten (the botanical garden) or Bethmannpark, with a beautiful Chinese Garden designed to follow the principles of feng-shui. When travelling to Frankfurt, I think it’s more interesting to stay in a studio or serviced apartment like Capri by Fraser Frankfurt. I feel like that way you have more freedom to be out and about all day if you feel like it, come back as late as you want and have your own meals – which is always a little economic help when on holidays!


What other cities do you think are interesting to see in Germany apart from Berlin? Would you recommend something else to see in Bremen, Frankfurt or Hamburg? I want to know what you think! And if you want more about travels, check out my other posts here!

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