Six ideas for a Hen Party in Dublin this 2020

Six ideas for a Hen Party in Dublin this 2020

So here’s the deal. Agatha, one of my lifetime best friends is getting married next January and kindly asked me if I wanted to be her Maid of Honour. She knows I’m crazy about organising parties, especially when they are female-only and gave me full control of the event so I obviously yelled “YES!!! YES I DO!!!!”. How could I refuse such an amazing opportunity to organise the BEST PARTY EVER? 

The great thing about hen parties is that they have to be as fun as possible and there are hundreds of options to choose from, so it’s extremely easy to please the bride and her friends. As she lives in Dublin with her fiance, as well as lots of her friends, I thought it would be great if we, her Scottish friends, flew over to spend the weekend with her. I’ve been looking for the best things to do in a hen party in Dublin and have narrowed down the options to a shortlist of six ideas. 

Spa Weekend near Dublin

Is there something better than relaxing in the company of your best friends? A spa weekend is the perfect choice for those who look for a more chilled party, and definitely a great opportunity for those overstressed brides-to-be, after months and months of preparation for their perfect wedding day.

Just picture yourself in a soft robe, with a moisturising mask on your face, having a foot massage while you sip on your glass of Prosecco. The dream! 

Spa weekend Dublin

Afternoon Tea

At first sight, an afternoon tea can seem a bit boring, but that’s only because you are forgetting about Prosecco or Gin afternoon teas! Add a little twist to it by choosing a theme for the party and you’ve got yourself a time to remember. 

I was once to a Prosecco afternoon tea hen party where all of us (around twenty-five people) dressed up in 20s style as if we had just come out of the movie Chicago. It was super fun, the feathers from our feather boas flew around my flat for weeks and we got the most amazing photos from that night. 

Escape Boat

For a choice a little more adventurous, try an Escape room. Why not upgrade the experience by taking the scene to a boat in Grand Canal Dock? Escape Boats organises these escape activities in Dublin and they offer two main escape rooms, one for small groups and another one for bigger groups. I feel more inclined to this one, but we shall see. I’ll have to check with the rest of the girls if they like puzzles! 

Dance Classes 

A dance class is always fun! I’ve done a bit of research here, as I didn’t want to offer my friends just some typical Zumba lesson or something similar, and I have found a few options that sound as fun as different – and could end up spicing our love life a little bit. Isn’t that great? 

I’m looking into some sexy belly dancing or burlesque classes to learn a little bit of seduction, which sounds perfect for a hen party as opposed to the (apparently) classic and cringy male strip club (I’m not up for that at all). 

dance classes in dublin

Axe Throwing

Definitely a great option that is calling my name. I’ve seen it in movies and series (last time, in Netflix’s show Workin Moms) and I always thought it was amazing and would love to try it. It may seem a bit extreme, but I’m sure at least a handful of our friends would like to try axe throwing too. It would undoubtedly make a remarkable experience! 

Could it make me the best Maid of Honour of all times? Maybe. At least I’d be the coolest. But this is not about me, it’s about Agatha. We’ll see how she feels about it! 

Dining Party

I always say it can’t be a party if there’s no food in it. We will obviously need to have some dinner, especially after a dancing class or an Escape room session! Dublin’s range of pubs where you can book a venue for a hen party is SO big, and their food (and drink menu) looks so great it’s hard for me to decide, but I think I’m going to book at Bad Bobs, in the Temple Bar district. This way we will be close to other bars if we decide to move around, although we wouldn’t need to, as I’ve heard Bad Bobs has a cocktail bar, a rooftop terrace bar, a nightclub and VIP room. I mean, what else would we need?

Hen party in Dublin

What option do you like better? Have you recently been to an amazing hen party and would like to share with me what you got up to? Let me know in the comments!


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